lazy sunday

It's been awhile since I've had a nice relaxing Sunday.  New home + new baby = no free time!  But today the hubby and I have decided that besides a little light cleaning, we get to nap and relax when baby does!  So cheers to a long overdue lazy Sunday!



everything copper

I love the look a good copper accessory can bring into a home.  Like gold, it adds a little something special instead of plain old stainless steel.  Here are a few copper beauties I've come across in my daily searches that I thought I would share with you all today!

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welcome to the burbs!

Today is a big day for our city girl, Ariana, as she and her family move out of NYC and into a beautiful house in Connecticut!  It's going to be quite a change for my Brooklyn born-and-raised design partner in crime but I know she'll transition just fine... plus it's a much quicker drive to me now!  Since she posted such beautiful photos of country homes for me when I moved out of the city, I would like to give her some lovely inspiration in return.  Hello to a quieter, slower paced, more relaxed way of life...

photos via Skona Hem



fun with stripes

Not only do I have an unhealthy obsession with stripes for clothing, I also think stripes can do wonders in a home.  On a pillow, on a wall or covering a piece of furniture... I wouldn't start adding them to every room in the house but, a little here and there can add that punch of fun that a space may be otherwise lacking.

via HGTV



warm sunny days

The days are getting warmer and warmer and the sun is shining.  Oh, how I've been loving finally being able to go out and sit on my new porch swing and stare off at all of the beautiful trees and flowers!  Now if only I had a big swimming pool in the back yard, life would be perfect...

sources unknown (been on my computer too long!)


decorative doors

Think a door has to be plain white or wood?  Think again... here are some fun ways to dress up your doors and add a little style to your passageways!

Repurpose an old barn door to add a beautiful, rustic feel.

Paint it blue!  Or gray, or yellow, or any color you dare!

Dark wood and steel give quite a sophisticated appeal.

Lose the boring rectangle and make it an arch!

Add a little Moroccan flavor...

Search for some old, worn out church doors or other ornate beauties.

Add some fun molding to create a geometric, glam look.



greece "around the world friday"

Lets go to Greece on this Friday. Majestic, understated and functional decor dictate this country's interiors. Love the use of blues and whites as a color palette.



around the world friday London calling

Lets go to London on this "Around the World Friday." Edgy and sophisticated, London interiors have us thinking of fresh new ways to keep things cool.


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