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Bathrooms are a vital part of any house and should be just as fun and interesting as other rooms. Whether it be a gut renovation, minor repairs or decorative accents, below are some fresh ideas to update your space.

My advice: try to keep bathrooms as neutral and simple as possible to get the best "shelve-life" out of them. You can always buy new towels, re-paint and add accessories to update your look, but replacing tile every few years can get pricey. Make sure the style you select works with that of your home. And most importantly, make sure the space is functional for you and your family.

Here is a simple table converted into a sink base. You can also turn an old cabinet into a sink base for a one of a kind statement for a bathroom. Ask your local carpenter to help or try your luck with a drill. www.ehow.com

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE wallpaper in a powder room. There are so many companies that make sophisticated and reasonably priced wallpaper that really make a statement! If wallpaper isn't your thing, try a stripe or stencil! Etsy has tons!

This is my favorite color palette on the planet for every room...but especially a bathroom. Try to keep bathrooms in colors that remind you of water and the ocean. Its appears more natural and clean if you stay within this palette.

This is so fun for a kids room. I cant tell you the number of fishy or frogy bathrooms Ive seen done for children...not good. This fun mirror in coral and sophisticated aqua curtain are off-set by the neutral wainscoting. And its something your kids can grow older with.

Love this tile-work. Its sort of traditional with a fun twist. Also, its just done on the floor rather than the whole room which can help keep costs down!

Really love how light and airy this bathroom is. Why not put a chandelier in bathroom? (although its illegal directly over a tub!) I like the mixture of metals: gold chandelier with stainless steel finishes. Also, if storage isn't an issue consider a vanity top sink like below.

This is a very well done modern bathroom. I like the striped pattern done with mosaic tiles, crisp shower doors and clean cabinetry. Also, the above-the-counter sink works with this space (and contains water a lot better than you would think!) Toto and Kohler have some fabulous models.

Claw-foot tub+chandelier+mantel=fabulous bathroom! A fun idea for claw-foot tubs is to paint the base an interesting color. I promise it will be a show stopper!


a room for two (or more)

Growing up, my family's home was always open to guests.  We were the house where everyone came to sleep over, whether it be our friends for a slumber party, our relatives who needed temporary housing or our neighbors during an ice storm because we had the only heat on the block (wood burning stove).  Even after my brother and I moved out, my parents are still lending our rooms out to the random college student who can't find an apartment.

I always thought it was so much fun having everyone stay over, like a constant party.  I love the open door policy, you just need to make sure you have enough space to fit everyone!  I realize some people may not have enough rooms for their own children let alone a guest or two.  But I've come across some really beautiful examples of shared bedrooms that can help you make the most of your space so you can squeeze in all of your friends and family (if you don't mind them lingering for awhile).


Curtains can help make a room for four a little more private.

Back to back for two...

Fit them in where you can!

from previous post on Elegant Abode

Take your guests outside!


etsy find: bold and noble

Last week I came across a new (to me) vendor on Etsy that I absolutely love, Bold and Noble.  If you're looking for a unique piece of art, definitely check out their shop of hand pulled screen prints, they're beautiful!  And as an added bonus, they're earth friendly.  All of their work is printed on recycled card and mailed to customers in eco cardboard tubes... go green!  Here are a few of my favorite pieces.



looking on up

I recently received a question about painting ceilings. It got me to thinking about some fun treatments for ceilings. Wallpaper and paint are great ways to create interest in a room that needs some additional pizazz. If you are lucky enough to have interesting architectural elements such as vaulted ceilings or exposed beams, by all means play them up!!

Below are some examples of other great ideas for ceilings.


ebelskiver pancake balls

Boy do these look delicious!  If you're a pancake fan, and I totally am, these fun little ebelskiver cuties could possibly be the most exciting breakfast creation ever.  I can't believe I haven't seen these before!  Start out with your pancake batter, add some blueberries or chocolate fudge (any filling of your choice) and enjoy your scrumptious little pancake balls.  I am definitely picking up my own ebelskiver pan and changing the way we do Pancake Sundays around our home.  Head over to Sugar and Charm to see some more great filling ideas!

beautifully angled ceilings

Sure a room with a perfectly flat ceiling seems larger and easier to decorate.  But a room with an angled ceiling can have so much more character and be way more fun to design.  Just think, people will now take notice of the ceiling instead of ignoring it... so play it up!  Add some pretty wallpaper, put up some white paneling or cut out space for a skylight to brighten up the room.  The angles can create all sorts of nooks and crannies in a space and add depth.  Here are some lovely examples.


I love the way this one actually curves up.  And the stripes accentuate the curve... great idea!

Perfect example of a beautiful nook created out of an angled ceiling.  The drapery adds a little more depth to it, too.  I love this bathroom.

The moldings here add a little more personality to this angled ceiling.  They definitely make you take notice of what's above.

This is one of my favorite children's rooms.  So whimsical!  And just think, if it had a flat ceiling, it wouldn't even compare to how adorable this is.

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