quick trip down under

Beautiful home in Australia created by Leibowitz & McLachlan.  Love the lamps over the kitchen counter and the dining chairs but the enlarged baby photos are my favorite part, so cute!

sweet treat bag

What a cute idea!


inspired by nature

Just came across the new online Est Magazine and have already fallen in love.  Here's a glimpse at my fave article about South African designer Laurie Owen, all natural and yet so dramatic.  This might be one of my new fave design mags!


lovely laundry

Who says your laundry room should be a place you dread entering?  Add some wallpaper, flowers and pretty cabinetry and it can be a place you love going into... even if it means you have to fold all your whites.  Here's some proof that laundry rooms, too, can be beautiful.


designer montage: m. elle design

I'm obviously attracted to bright open spaces with a lot of whites and natural woods, so when I came across the work of the talented mother and daughters of M. Elle Design I felt I had to share some of my favorite images from their portfolio.  The combination of the rustic backdrops with mixes of fun, yet elegant furniture and accessories is absolutely divine.

Images via M. Elle Design

pretty bird

I absolutely love this chandelier by Graham and Green!

And speaking of bird cages, I just bought a bird cage veil for my wedding, so excited!!  Hopefully I will look as pretty in it as Katherine Heigl did in hers!



box in nature

Talk about mixing modern architecture with nature!  This is a library called "The Brain" which I find to be incredibly inspiring.  Not sure which I would do more of here, read or stare off into the woods daydreaming.


open up the windows

Spring is finally here!  Or at least for a day... loving this weather, please stay!


"the holiday" inspired tent

If you've seen The Holiday, you know what I'm talking about.  In the movie, Jude Law has created this awe inspiring tent for his daughters that would be any little girl's dream.  I used to have one of those bed tents that you attach to your mattress and my brother I would sleep in there... we thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread.  I can just imagine if I'd had this, I never would have come out!

I recently came across this image as well... an adult version???  I have to have it!


amazing arches

Great mix of traditional and modern... so much light coming in.  Beautiful!


london calling

Would love to be a photographer or film maker and get to shoot a few scenes in this lovely London home.



I'm very into ruffles lately.  So delicate, feminine, and timeless.  They can be found just about anywhere today from clothing to home decor to dessert! 

From left to right:  1. Duvet: Urban Outfitters  2. Cake: Maisie Fantaisie  3. Image via Full Bloom Cottage 
4. Scarf: JurgitaMi on Etsy  5. Tote: Weekend Designer  6. Wedding Dress: Wedding Inspirasi blog 
7. Placemat: Layla Grace  8. Shower Curtain: Anthropologie


etsy find: revived vintage

As a follow up to my Writing on the Wall post, I just came across Revived Vintage on Etsy.  I have been searching for months now for the perfect ornate frame to do a seating chart at my wedding and I finally found one (or 2)!  Amy does an absolutely amazing job taking antique frames and turning them into lovely chalkboards that you can use for a wedding, restaurant or your home.  Here are a few beauties below and you can check out more in her shop!



Went to look at wedding rings today!  Love trying on all those diamonds, but completely overwhelmed and have no clue what I want.  Here's a little sparkle to start your weekend off!

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