canopy beds

We are absolutely loving canopy beds these days. There are so many interesting ones out there and they're a breath of fresh air from the upholstered headboards we see everywhere.



recipe for a sexy home

This house has basically got it all... a dash of funk, a hint of rustic, a heap of old world, a sprinkle of modern and a whole lot of sex appeal.  What an amazing combination of all things beautiful.  They did black and white the right way - not even close to boring.  I would love to hang out in this living room or curl up in that plush white bed.

via Lonny



out with the old in with the traditional

I'm not sure if it's my new surroundings of Connecticut, but I'm really loving traditional design more and more lately. There is something very cool about appreciating and incorporating traditional design in your home. Below are some examples of traditional style infused with personality. 

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