what's on your mantel?

An odd topic for the start of Spring, I know.  But being in the middle of a non-stop thunderstorm has me longing to snuggle up in front of a warm fireplace.  Seeing as I don't have one in my apartment, I am living vicariously through luckier folks who do.  I've scrounged up some really lovely images of perfectly decorated mantels to inspire those of you who are those lucky people.  Since most fireplaces are the focal point of a room, this is the perfect spot to show your personality.  Some art, flowers, silly sculptures, candles or books can go a long way.  Someday, I'm sure I will have one and I'll gladly share photos after I've properly arranged my decor.  But for now, I ask, what's on your mantel?

Above two images via Lonny

Above two images via Rue


etsy find: jennifer squires

I've been searching for artwork all day for a client and came across an Etsy shop with the most serene, peaceful photographs.  Jennifer Squires is the photographer and her work makes me wish I could hop into the car and drive until I find an abandoned lake shore and then just sit there for hours.  I used to live near Lake Erie, where a lot of her lake pictures are taken, and I don't remember it ever looking so beautiful.  Maybe next time I go home to visit I should take a little day trip to watch the sunset over the water.  I guess I just never took the time to do that!


inspirational workspace

About a month ago, I was visiting the Bash, Please blog and saw their super cute workspace and became instantly jealous.  Not sure why I didn't share it then but I just came across the photos again and decided I have to post them for you all to see.  The Bash, Please girls run an event design company and their creative juices never seem to run dry.  You should check out some of the adorable ideas they've come up with and the beautiful parties they've designed here, but for now take a look at their fun and functional office below!


cork art

I've heard of using corks to make your own trivets for the kitchen (my dad is good at that), but this takes cork creativity to a whole new level!


traditional simplified

Okay, so I've been a little preoccupied lately and haven't been posting as much as I should.  Life has been a tad hectic: wedding is creeping up on me, got a new Mac that I'm still setting up - but loving, been doing a little bit of house hunting, celebrating multiple holidays and working on a million other projects.  So, please forgive my temporary absence!

Tonight, though, I finally had time to sit back and catch up on my favorite blogs and online mags, which is basically like meditation to me.  I'm so glad I made it over to Lonny because I found some work by a really talented duo - Lauren Gold & Sasha Adler - in the Trad Home issue that I find so beautiful.  You all know that I love simplicity and these two have done a great job of keeping traditional looking very chic and clean.  A few of my favorite parts: the hallway art, the woven daybed, the forest green benches and the carved desk.  What do you like?

Images via Lonny


so pretty

Not sure what I like best about this home.  The wallpaper, the eclectic mix of furniture, the stained glass windows on the bedroom doors or the red flower drapery before you walk into the dining room... I pretty much love it all!


fun and flirty stairways

How beautiful are these two different stairways?  I would love to see where they lead up to, maybe a cloud in the sky...


dress your easter table

Pastels, white, feminine... that's what I think of when I think Easter.  So, just for fun I threw together some pretty objects to inspire you when setting your table.  Have fun!

Flower images: Style Me Pretty, Glass: Rosanna, Chandelier: Jayson Home & Garden, Salad Servers: Global Table,
Flatware: Nicole Jane Home, Candlesticks: Lazy Susan, Macaron Image: Eat Boutique,
Dinner Plates: Anthropologie, Dining Chair: Oly, Dining Table: Wisteria, Table Linens: Horchow         


kate spade's new bicycle

I saw this in my newest issue of Elle Decor and had to go check it out.  Apparently, Kate Spade teamed up with NY bike shop Adeline Adeline to create this lovely green bicycle and two handy little bags that are made specifically for the bike.  That green is the perfect summer color and the bags are really cute!  I have to go check this out in person... maybe sometime this weekend!


vintage hall

The home of Swedish designer, Nina Hartmann Sundgren is filled with vintage items that create a cozy, lived-in feeling.  I could share photos of numerous rooms throughout the home but my favorite part of the tour is the entry hall which I feel speaks for the rest of the house.  Filled with a tattered church pew, old hat boxes and briefcases, antique candle sticks, and angel wings, this hall is so charming.  While it feels a little bit like a thrift store itself, I can't help but wish I could stop in and browse for awhile!


easter knits

It's almost Easter time... well in our mixed religion household we like to call it Eastover since we usually end up eating Cadbury Eggs around the same time we eat our Matzah.  Anyway, when I came across this little cutie I couldn't resist sharing him!  The bunny hat is made by For Stitches Sake on Etsy and is absolutely adorable!

I also recently came across these fun little egg cosies on Papa Stour and thought to myself, how fun would it be to search for these on Easter morning?  Now all we need is a hand-knitted afikomen!

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