so pretty

Not sure what I like best about this home.  The wallpaper, the eclectic mix of furniture, the stained glass windows on the bedroom doors or the red flower drapery before you walk into the dining room... I pretty much love it all!

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Charlotta Ward said...

Hi darling and so sorry for my absence. Life is chock a block at the moment and I seem to have no time at all to blog or visit my dear friends.

Would you believe it, this house is located in my hometown in Sweden. The girl who lives there is so familiar to me yet we can't work out where we know each other from.. We'll definitely meet up when I move back home for a year as of July..

Ok my dear. I am now off to draft that post where I introduce you (and a few others) on my blog.

Big hug and happy weekend.

xx Charlotta

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