banquette beauties

When we eventually move out of the city and into a house, one of my requirements is that I get to have a banquet in my kitchen.  They're the perfect place to snuggle into for breakfast with a newspaper (or laptop nowadays).  Right now we just have one big open area in our apartment so no place for a banquet... but some day!  I like them better when the bench sits into a little nook like the first two here, but the others work just as well.  I also see a theme going on here with stripes and wainscoting, so pretty.

via Kitchen Bath Ideas


Blue Fruit said...

i have a current obsession with banquettes, too! Not sure why, because they are completely impractical. Hard for people to get past, fabric not ideal when food involved...but there you go, I love them just the same for their cosiness and sophisticated cocooning!

Thank you for your lovely comment. It is delightful to meet fellow designers from around the world, and your blog is quite delicious, so I am happy to be your newest follower.

Ali said...

I completely agree! I remember a family friend had one when I was little and I always got stuck on the inside... but now I'm just in love with the idea, I can't help it! Thanks for following, am also following you!

Charlotta Ward said...

Hello my dear.
Yes I agree - too am a lover of banquettes. Something to inviting about them.

Wishing you a lovely weekend my friend.

xx Charlotta

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