a dining room to envy

I have had this photo saved on my computer for so long now that I unfortunately don't remember where I found it.  But this dining room makes me smile every time I look at it.  I love everything about it, the extra long old wood table, mixed with the pretty upholstered settee and chairs, the beautiful antique dining chair, the bookshelves-cum-china storage and lastly all the light shining in through those large windows/doors!  Also, if you peek outside the window it looks like that fence could mean horses... jealous!!


Atticmag said...

It's a lovely dining room. Wish we could see more detail IYKWIM. What I like a lot is having the sofa close to the table. I hope you get your dream house soon! Thanks for stopping by to see our powder rooms. Jane F.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Hi Ali!

THANK YOU for coming to my blog yesterday; I had a long day at work and was unable to come last night, but I just want to say that YOUR BLOG IS LOVELY and CONGRATULATIONS that you are getting married! You are using those fabulous pom poms in white and pink? How GORGEOUS! And the picture that you have here..I have decorated my new family room in that style of white, gray and distressed wood. I have been inspired by Shari at Little Blue Dear, Greige and Inspired Design. Enjoy your weekend! Anita

Charlotta Ward said...

What a beautiful and happy room. I love the energy here and the size of the table invites wonderful ideas of a large family gathered here often. Stunning!!

x Charlotta

La Boheme said...

What a beautiful room indeed! Can you just imagine spending your Sunday afternoon there? Dream. Thank you for visiting La Boheme, your blog is lovely :) xo

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