cork art

I've heard of using corks to make your own trivets for the kitchen (my dad is good at that), but this takes cork creativity to a whole new level!


Charlotta Ward said...

It's amazing what a creative soul can achieve with such a humble resource isn't it!?!

My dear friend Manvi over at Mochatini did an amazing mirror frame using corks. She's one clever lady and her blog gorgeous - I think you'll love it.

Just back from Tasmania. Will post some pics from our trip and after that I'll do a post with your intro.

Hope you have had a lovely Easter.

xx Charlotta

Ali said...

Hi Charlotta,

I hope you had a wonderful vacation! Can't wait to see the photos.

No rush, take your time. I did have a lovely Easter - dinner with good friends - hope yours was enjoyable as well.


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