easter knits

It's almost Easter time... well in our mixed religion household we like to call it Eastover since we usually end up eating Cadbury Eggs around the same time we eat our Matzah.  Anyway, when I came across this little cutie I couldn't resist sharing him!  The bunny hat is made by For Stitches Sake on Etsy and is absolutely adorable!

I also recently came across these fun little egg cosies on Papa Stour and thought to myself, how fun would it be to search for these on Easter morning?  Now all we need is a hand-knitted afikomen!


concrete & honey said...

Absolutely adorable is absolutely right - how gorgeous, thanks for sharing. x

Kimberlee said...

that bunny hat is wayyyy too cute. I think my friend's two month old needs on of those this easter! x

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