what's on your mantel?

An odd topic for the start of Spring, I know.  But being in the middle of a non-stop thunderstorm has me longing to snuggle up in front of a warm fireplace.  Seeing as I don't have one in my apartment, I am living vicariously through luckier folks who do.  I've scrounged up some really lovely images of perfectly decorated mantels to inspire those of you who are those lucky people.  Since most fireplaces are the focal point of a room, this is the perfect spot to show your personality.  Some art, flowers, silly sculptures, candles or books can go a long way.  Someday, I'm sure I will have one and I'll gladly share photos after I've properly arranged my decor.  But for now, I ask, what's on your mantel?

Above two images via Lonny

Above two images via Rue

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