deep breath

What a crazy week it has been.  We've been through an earthquake and a hurricane in one week leaving us with a) some new experiences as East Coasters and b) a lack of electricity and a lot of leaks.  Not to mention our car died on top of that.  Trying to get our lives back on track has been pretty chaotic... test driving new cars, getting a new mattress (to replace the sopping wet one from lovely Irene), hiring contractors to repair the leaks, and a million other errands/appointments/projects as usual.  You would think this weekend would be the perfect time to catch our breath, but that's pretty jam packed as well!  Come Sunday evening, I want to be sitting somewhere cozy like this while reading a good book...



at home with anita kaushal

I absolutely love these photos of designer Anita Kaushal's home in London.  She's managed to simplify everything down to mostly just the bare essentials while still giving a well designed, elegant appeal to each space.  This can be very tricky and can look sparse and messy if done incorrectly but, she's pulled it off beautifully.  Kudos!!  I'm especially loving that gorgeous dining table, the indoor swing, and the art in the children's bathroom.


images via 79 Ideas & MadeByGirl


global designs from niki jones

One of my latest favorite finds has got to be Niki Jones.  With all of the patterns and colors, their pieces make you feel like you took a vacation somewhere in the Far East and brought back some fabulous flea market finds.  Their furniture is all hand painted with such great detail and their fabrics look so warm and inviting.  You must check out their more colorful items as well, but here are just a few of the items on my wish list!



making room for projects

Have a hobby that requires a little bit of desk space, a little bit of storage and a lot of inspiration?  Check out these project rooms I just came across on House & Home.  Their sure to give you some great ideas to organize a space for your favorite craft.


A well thought out garage complete with gardening storage and a dog grooming area.

A couple of great gift wrapping stations.

Some space for sewing.

 Scrapbooking Central.

Arts and crafts for all!

Gardening station.
Images via House & Home

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