at home with anita kaushal

I absolutely love these photos of designer Anita Kaushal's home in London.  She's managed to simplify everything down to mostly just the bare essentials while still giving a well designed, elegant appeal to each space.  This can be very tricky and can look sparse and messy if done incorrectly but, she's pulled it off beautifully.  Kudos!!  I'm especially loving that gorgeous dining table, the indoor swing, and the art in the children's bathroom.


images via 79 Ideas & MadeByGirl

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Charlotta Ward said...

Hi and thank you for your comment the other day. It was nice to hear from you.

Yes Anita's home is divine. I love the use of white and how she manages to avoid it looking too stark.
The dining area is fantastic, though I would have used the 'Ghost chairs' with it rather than the white ones, but that is me being picky.. :)

How's married life? I bet it's fun being a newly wed! :)

Big hugs from Sweden

x Charlotta

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