beautifully angled ceilings

Sure a room with a perfectly flat ceiling seems larger and easier to decorate.  But a room with an angled ceiling can have so much more character and be way more fun to design.  Just think, people will now take notice of the ceiling instead of ignoring it... so play it up!  Add some pretty wallpaper, put up some white paneling or cut out space for a skylight to brighten up the room.  The angles can create all sorts of nooks and crannies in a space and add depth.  Here are some lovely examples.


I love the way this one actually curves up.  And the stripes accentuate the curve... great idea!

Perfect example of a beautiful nook created out of an angled ceiling.  The drapery adds a little more depth to it, too.  I love this bathroom.

The moldings here add a little more personality to this angled ceiling.  They definitely make you take notice of what's above.

This is one of my favorite children's rooms.  So whimsical!  And just think, if it had a flat ceiling, it wouldn't even compare to how adorable this is.

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Splenderosa said...

I love interesting architectural elements, especially these high ceilings. So much prettier. xx's

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