a room for two (or more)

Growing up, my family's home was always open to guests.  We were the house where everyone came to sleep over, whether it be our friends for a slumber party, our relatives who needed temporary housing or our neighbors during an ice storm because we had the only heat on the block (wood burning stove).  Even after my brother and I moved out, my parents are still lending our rooms out to the random college student who can't find an apartment.

I always thought it was so much fun having everyone stay over, like a constant party.  I love the open door policy, you just need to make sure you have enough space to fit everyone!  I realize some people may not have enough rooms for their own children let alone a guest or two.  But I've come across some really beautiful examples of shared bedrooms that can help you make the most of your space so you can squeeze in all of your friends and family (if you don't mind them lingering for awhile).


Curtains can help make a room for four a little more private.

Back to back for two...

Fit them in where you can!

from previous post on Elegant Abode

Take your guests outside!

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designchic said...

Love built in bunk beds...so stylish and functional. Great images!!

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