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As an ode to father's day, I thought I would do a blog about children's rooms. My daughter is still quite young and in a nursery that I designed for her, but I can't wait until she is old enough to design a room together. Here are some rooms with a lot of character and sophistication that are still appropriate for children.

This is one classy boys room. The room is actually very subdued color-wise and accents are brought in with bedding, the rug and furniture. A common mistake when designing a child's room is people go overboard with color. My advice, do less color with the decor and use toys, bedding and furniture to make the room fun.

Ok this room might not be a children's room per se, but I love the idea of turning a black and white pic into wallpaper for a playroom or shared space for kids.

Really enjoy large maps in kids spaces. They are functional and very cool.

For a teenage girl, whimsical yet sophisticated.

My favorite thing in the whole world as a child was to build tents and play under them for hours with my brother and sister. I just love this tent with a little chandelier in it!! So fun.

This room is uber sophisticated with the very well done built-ins and beautiful finishes. But I can just picture spending time in here as a kid with all my cousins or friends. Its very approachable for children because of the low furniture and floor cushions and cozy bunk beds. Its good to remember kids often feel more comfortable in small spaces, so if you have a designated large room you are using for kids, try to make it feel more intimate for them.


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