the return to a normal life

I'm usually a firm believer in resolutions on a day to day basis - if you need to make a change, just do it!  Why wait for a new year?  However, this year is a bit different for me.  I've just finished up design school which means no more time consuming projects and I'm ready to reclaim my life!  Here are just a couple of things I finally have time to work toward in 2011.

Catch up on my reading.  I started reading The Time Traveler's Wife, not this past summer, but the one before that... and still haven't finished it!  It's time to get back on track.
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Organize my life.  There are so many small projects I've been wanting to do around the apartment... paint my coffee table white, go through the 10' tall stack of magazines I haven't had time to look at, get new counter stools (that are actually comfortable), etc.  It's time to start moving on these!
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Plan the wedding of my dreams (since it's now only 5 months away!).  I have most of the bigger pieces checked off my list, but it's time to work on the details.

Good luck with all of your resolutions! 

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