winter wonderland

Growing up in upstate New York, I'm no stranger to snow and ice.  I would spend more than six months out of the year sledding down the side of the Erie Canal in my backyard, building snowmen and snow tunnels, and pretending I was an Olympic skater on the ice.  This year, winter in the city is reminding me a lot of those wonderful memories, bundled up like a little snow bunny and refusing to come inside until my teeth were chattering and my fingers turned blue.  I may be one of the few New Yorkers who is actually enjoying all of the snow we've been getting (although, I could do without the dirty slush).  But these days, I'd much rather be wearing something from this glam fashion montage found on 1st Dibs.  It may not be appropriate for igloo building but it's perfect for wandering the snowy streets of NY! 

I was so inspired by the muted colors and sumptuous textures that I've sourced a few pieces to recreate this look in your home.  A little leather, some sparkling gold and crystal, and a fluffy fur pillow... you've got your own little winter wonderland!

Clockwise from top left: 1. Horse Painting by fairysomnia on Etsy  2. Chandelier from Oly  3. Stool from ABChome  4. Hand-woven throw from Layla Grace  5. Handkerchief Planters from South of Market  6. Glass Vases from Wisteria  7. Gold Leaf Coffee Table from Worlds Away on Candelabra  8. Tibetan Cushion from Calypso  9. Candleholders from Lazy Susan  10. Chesterfield Sofa from George Smith

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