how to make a good bed

So it might seem like a no-brainer, but making a nice bed is essential to having a good-looking bedroom. We often get stuck in the same routine with the way we make our bed. Here are some fun ways you can dress up your own space with simple changes.

Easy breezy white pin-tuck West Elm Duvet and Euro's with a patterned throw at the bottom.

White bedding and quilt with graphic shams.

Very understated light grey quilt and shams, throw near feet and 12 x 21 patterned accent pillow. Stacking standards behind Euro's creates a nice backdrop for accent pillows.

A million textures of white and tons of throw pillows. I just want to dive in.

My personal favorite these days.... knit throw and pillows. Very relaxed and understated.

For the rich and famous...luxe silk pillows and duvet. 3 Euro's, 2 standards and 2 accent... and let's not forget the mohair throw.



Anonymous said...

What is a good colour white to paint a bedroom?

designchic said...

These are all so cozy, and on this cold and rainy NC day, I'd love to be curled up in any...the knit is wonderful!!

Ariana said...

Designchic: Agreed... Loved your post on Capes yesterday!

Ariana said...

Ben Moore White Dove is always a nice white, but how about a light warm grey or stone to create a more cozy look

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