illuminating your kitchen

The right lighting is crucial to make any space spectacular and in a kitchen, it can make or break the room.  While recessed lights are simple and brighten the room as a whole, task and ambient lighting make the biggest impact both visually and functionally.  They will direct light where you need it most and make your prepping and cooking a whole lot easier.  But don't just throw in a few pendants and call it a day - have fun with your choices and get creative!  Below are some examples of kitchens with lighting done right.

Some people think of sconces only for a living room or above a bathroom vanity, but they can be placed strategically over the kitchen sink or next to a large stove as an alternative 
or addition to recessed lighting.  

Under counter lighting helps illuminate perimeter countertops while in-cabinet lighting 
adds a special ambiance to the room.

This kitchen uses beautiful flush mounts in replace of recessed lighting.

These gorgeous gold pendants are the perfect proportion for this room.  A mistake we often see made in kitchens is dinky pendant lighting over the island.  Make sure you choose something that will visually fill the space and also give your island the amount of light it deserves.

In-kitchen dining is another place you shouldn't skimp on lighting.  A pendant or chandelier grounds the area and makes it look like it belongs there.

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