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Surprise #1:  Yes, I finally got my house in the suburbs!

First of all, I want to thank Ariana for being so on top of blogging the last couple of weeks while I've been packing, moving, unpacking and trying to get settled in to our new home.  Life has been a little hectic, to say the least, and she has been a godsend! 

As I sit here in my new home office amongst the gazillion boxes of files, catalogs and fabric swatches that desperately need to be put away (looking for the perfect shelving unit) I feel so overwhelmed and yet so incredibly happy at the same time.  Moving from a condo in NYC to a big house in the suburbs can bring on a lot of anxiety - we need more furniture to fill this place, the 1950's kitchen has got to go (no, it's not the cute version of the 50's), it's so dark up here at night and it's so darn quiet!  But, the house itself is beautiful.  We've got plenty of room to grow (stay tuned for surprise #2), I can actually get all my errands done at once and not have to worry about cabs/subways/carrying 20 heavy bags, and we have a big backyard!  So, while it's still quite an adjustment, I absolutely love living in the suburbs again!  

Surprise #2:  Yes, I said we have plenty of room to grow now - and that means starting a family.  I am happy to announce that I am officially 22 weeks pregnant!  My husband and I brought back a slowly growing belly from our honeymoon in Hawaii this summer and can't wait to meet our little girl in a few months! :)  That means - it's almost time to get started on a nursery!  (One of my favorite rooms to design.)  So, let's get started with some great nursery accessories I've come across during my recent searches - not all specifically for my nursery, but just for fun.   And don't worry, I'll take pictures of our progress and share along the way!


via Zavalick Designs on Etsy

via LeoLittleLion on Etsy

via LiveLifeinLime on Etsy

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Redlilocks {Swoon Worthy} said...

Congrats on your pregnancy and your new home :) Sounds like everything is in full swing!!

I love the items you chose as well, so sweet! x

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