neutral bedrooms

Bedrooms should be soothing calm places we retreat in. The best way to achieve this is with a neutral soft palette. Below are some examples of a neutral palette done in several styles.... country, rustic and sophisticated.

Here are some tips of the trade:
  • Use panel drapes to soften your space
  • Put a bench at the end of the bed
  • Keep your wall color soft and airy
  • Mix and match your side tables for visual interest
  • Don't forget a fun chandelier or light fixture to create alittle sophistication for your space

xoxo Ariana

1 comment:

Charlotta Ward said...


Gorgeous room inspiration today.
I agree that bedrooms should keep to a neutral palette. Another thing I think is important is the lighting. To ensure a relaxing atmosphere I always recommend dimmers on all key lamps, and at least a couple smaller lamps to use when reading.
A cozy bedside rug on either side of the bed is also nice for tired feet in the mornings.

Happy rest of the week and thanks for a lovely post.

x Charlotta

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