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A good friend recently asked me how to decorate her living room wall with her husband's huge television. She's just re-done the majority of her apartment, but cant quite figure out how to decorate around the tv, so is left with a bare wall and a ginormous television. This is often a common problem for professional decorators and home decorators alike. Here are some examples of ways to treat a wall that harbors a (huhumm eye-sore) tv that we all have and love.

This room works because there are two focal walls. Granted not everyone can do this in their space, but if you can, choose chairs that swivel and pivot so both focal walls can be viewed. Also, built in cabinetry as done below work best to disguise a tv. But if you are on a budget, ikea has great units that can be painted to create a more custom and chic look.

This wall works because of the beautifully crafted cabinetry underneath the tv. Try a lamp and some pictures on top of the unit as done above with a dark lampshade to off-set the dark plasma screen.

via domino

This tv wall works because the tv is not the center of the wall and again the use of shelving draws the eye around the room. LOVE the un-finished wood shelves with the sleek cabinetry and Pucci chair! Its earthy, masculine and pulled together all at the same time.

via william abranowicz

This tv wall works because again the tv is not the focal point. Your eye moves around the wall because of the visual interest on the shelving and the contrast between the white shelving, minty wall and tv. Also a good idea is to wallpaper the wall behind a television or add some decals like those on etsy.



Charlotta Ward said...

Hi hun,

Yes, it's so hard to hang or display a big flat screen.

Your inspiration is lovely and I especially like the in built shelves example.

Another great idea is to have a custom made picture frame made for the TV. This way it becomes a feature, and can be mixed with prints and pictures to form a 'feature wall'. Haven't seen many visual examples of this though. Perhaps you have some?

xx Charlotta

Carla Stewart said...

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