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Hola readers! When Ali asked me to start blogging on Elegant Abode, I was A. a bit intimidated by the idea of blogging and B. concerned with contributing good content that would be useful to viewers. How does one differentiate them self in the world of interior blogging (and design) when there is so much great content out there? And what is it that people are looking for inspiration in?

It made me start thinking about my personal style and why I became a designer in the first place. I became an Interior Designer through somewhat untraditional means and have an eclectic, unique and ever changing approach to Interior Design. I believe that by designing within your budget and incorporating furniture, art and objects you love, not necessarily ones of a certain “look”, that you can create a home unique and personal to you. There is something to be said about designers who have the courage and taste to take pieces from completely different time periods, cultures, price points and styles and unify them into a room.

Below are some designers that mixed things up, went out on a limb and came up with something unique and fabulous. Hope this inspires you to do the same in your homes in a way that makes sense to your lifestyle and taste.


This is Katie Lee’s townhouse originally featured in the June/July 2008 issue of Domino magazine. Ive been in love with the look of this house for years and absolutely adore the mixture of girly chandeliers, modern art, French inspired furniture and cool modern appliances in this kitchen/dining room.

via Domino

Love the upper sophisticated wallpaper, floors and custom bedding mixed with colorful toys and floor tiles all kids have and love. And that artwork is just too fun!

Exposed beams, chandeliers, random numbers and pinball machines. Im in! Its so random yet it works together beautifully.

Love this funky piece of modern art with the sleek tile work and beautiful lantern. Also think this is so fun because the furniture is all different types of wood and metal.

Love how this designer did a great job balancing the room visually while mixing so many shapes and sizes of artwork and furniture.

Love that there is so much going on in the bathroom and yet it all works together in a quirky way. I wouldn’t think to put a spotted cowhide rug in an otherwise all white bathroom, but it really warms the space up and helps your eye travel around the room.

Love the mixture of the vintage furniture with modern art. I also enjoy the natural sisal runner on the stairs with the elegant chandelier.


Urska M. said...

Welcome to Elegant Abode, Ariana <3 I'm sure you won't disappoint her ;) All the interiors looks super. My fave is the abstract piece in combination with white daybed & the pink chair <3 totally lovely. Also the bathroom looks yummy, but I think I could never have one like that in my place. Have a nice, creative weekend. Xoxo

- Urska @

Katherine said...

Can't wait to see you on the 12th so you can put the finishing touches on my house!

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