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As the wedding grows closer and closer, I am obsessing more and more about the details of the big day.  Am I forgetting anything?  Do I still love my decisions?  What will the weather be like?  Is everything going to come together alright?  I am getting less sleep at night and my mind is constantly running through the things I need to get done still.  So, in my (very little) free time, I'm jumping through my fave wedding blogs to see if there's something I'm missing.  During my browsing, I came across this stunning photo shoot on Inspired by This. Isn't it beautiful??  I love the hanging framed desserts and I'm obsessed with the china!

images via Inspired by This


Urska M. said...

I haven't said congrats yet?! omg ;) Now that I know you're getting married I will... seems like I missed much.. About your words.. I bet your wedding will be perfect <3 .. and even if there will be rain don't worry.. You ever heard the famous Italian proverb - Sposa bagnata, sposa fortunata? well, it means that rain on your wedding day brings good luck, so don't worry about that ;) I can imagine how magically stressful can it be, but I still hope you're having super fun and everything goes well. Hope to hear more. Enjoy girl * xoxo

- Urska @

Charlotta Ward said...

It looks delightful - so light, playful and fresh. A fun theme to go with for sure.

I can only imagine how busy you are. I hope it all comes together as per plan - I am sure it will..!

Best of luck.

xx C

Ali said...

Thank you, ladies!! I will post pictures when they come in!

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