lazy sunday... maybe not

Well, it's raining again today in NY, what else is new??  And between this groggy weather, an amazing wedding I attended Friday night for a close friend and a fun family bbq yesterday in Long Island, I am completely exhausted.  I would love nothing more than to listen to Bruno Mars "Lazy Song" and follow his lack-of-schedule but I have way too much to do!  The wedding is officially less than two weeks away and it's go time. So, I will look longingly at this photo for a few short moments and then I'm off and running.  Happy Sunday!


LINDA from OEKE said...

Hi .. I found you via the 'Space for Inspiration' blog and am your newest follower. I wish you all the very best for your blog and hope you have fun doing it. I promise I'll come back and visit (-:

designchic said...

What a gorgeous image. I've had more fun perusing your beautiful blog this evening - thanks for all of the inspiration. Thrilled to find and follow you!!

Charlotta Ward said...

TWO weeks to go..!! Madre Mia, you must be flat out with all the last minute details and I can imagine that this picture is tempting!! :)

I can't wait to hear more about the plans for your big day. I hope you share with us here on the blog. x

Happy new week and don't forget to stop and breathe now and then. :)

xx C

La Boheme said...

Hope you got to relax at least a little bit tonight. And only two weeks away? How exciting! xoxo

Ali said...

Linda, thanks for following. I visited your blog, too, and it's lovely!

DesignChic, such kind words, thank you!

Charlotta, I will definitely share more info about the wedding, thanks again :)

La Boheme, I have been printing menus all night, but so excited to go to bed now!

Karena said...

I came over from Charlotta's and am so glad!! Adore the lovely serene image and so I know you will love this...

Art by Karena

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